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St Kitts & Nevis

Named the ‘Secret Caribbean’, St Kitts and Nevis are like no other islands in the Caribbean. Separated by a mere two mile expanse of calm, clear, turquoise water, these unspoilt, tropical islands are among the most captivating and picturesque in the Caribbean and a paradise for nature lovers where preservation of the ecosystems has been a priority.

Located 17 degrees north of the Equator, the average daily temperature is about 84°F, tempered by steady northeasterly breezes, with a sea temperature of approximately 81°F.

Enjoy the stunning virgin rainforest enveloping the islands’ volcanic peaks. Discover the white, sandy, palm-lined beaches. Explore the natural reefs and wrecks hidden under the warm, tranquil waters.

Nature is only a small part of the wonder of these small, relatively undiscovered and unspoilt destinations. Rich in colonial history, St Kitts and Nevis were the pearls of the British Caribbean, prized for their strategic position, fertile soils and extensive sugar industry.

Nevis, the ‘Queen of the Caribbees’, is celebrated as the island where the dashing young Horatio Nelson met, courted, and wed Fanny Nisbet in 1787. The capital, Charlestown, has preserved many of its original, picturesque 18th and 19th century, colorful, colonial buildings and the island is covered with ruins from the sugar plantation era.

St Kitts is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, the impregnable fortress, which stood as the ‘Gibraltar of the West Indies’, famous for its historical, cultural and architectural significance.

View of St Kitts from the Island of Nevis

Virgin rainforest envelop the volcanic peaks